LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch MTB Handguards
LoamLab Counterpunch cutaway


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The Counterpunch makes clipping trees less problematic by protecting the 5th digit and metacarpal from impact, greatly reducing the chance of a broken bone. The curved surface slides rather than grabs, making it less likely the bar will hang up and throw the rider. As soon as testing began, several riders reported improved control, and declared it the top reason to run them, which is something that typical MTB handguards don't offer. 


Not just a slight clip, but a full on tree strike, on chunky bark The Counterpunch slides, not grabs. Saves a crash, saves your hand and maybe saves your season. People often ask why they don’t curve more over your pinky. It’s because they don’t need to; less is more.



Like to run the meat of your palm off the end of the bar? You know it puts you more at risk but control is more important than safety, right? The Counterpunch still allows you to do this comfortably and safely, even if you really like to hang it out. 



By making the rubber eccentric to the bar, and strategically removing areas of the inner core, the LoamLab grip is a thin (29mm) lock-on with the comfort of a thick slide-on. This makes the top of the grip level from end to end, without a pressure point normally found on thin concentric grips. The cutaway core at the thumb creates a thicker flexible pad that absorbs vibration for better traction with less gripping force, and the uniform surface there makes gloveless riding comfortable. The LoamLab grip is also available in a Single Clamp version if the Counterpunch is not your style.



Mates perfectly with the LoamLab dual clamp grip. Also compatible with ODI dual clamp grips by replacing the outer lock ring with the Counterpunch. Or simply install it on the end of the bar with the open-end grip of your choice.  

Counterpunch without grips: 68g per pair 
Counterpunch with grips: 164g per pair

The Counterpunch™ has US and International Patents Pending

Customer Reviews

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Brad R

Work good, haven’t bounced off a tree with them yet but do find I don’t grip the bars as hard because the outside of my hands are supported by the protective end.

Jamie Higham

Super quality packaging , fit and finish is top notch and install was a breeze.

Michael H
Does what it says on the can!

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my order for LoamLab’s counterpunch bar ends and found that LoamLab had included a complimentary pair of grips for me to try. At first, I tossed the grips in my parts bin as I had just installed a fresh set of grips, but when I installed the counterpunches on my bar and realized that they were really designed to have your pinkie butted up to them. With my usual grips and narrow hands, this left my controls out of reach. That’s when I reached the LoamLab grips are narrower than standard grips and swapped them onto my bars as well. This fit much better with my controls within reach and the counterpunch protecting my pinkies.
On the trail, it didn’t take long before I tagged a couple of trees in a race and thought, “I wonder how that would have gone without the counterpunches”, as my bar slid past the trees.
The cutouts in the sleeves of the grips seem to provide more cushion without being overly squishy.
All in all, the counterpunch certainly met my expectations once I installed LoamLab’s grips.

Tyler Miller
Why wouldn’t you run these?!

Already been saved a few times! Both from tree strikes and keeping my hands on the grips in mud fest race conditions. Install is easy and secure. Paired perfectly with my go-to Odi grips. No brainer!

Great product that must be more popular

At first I was hesitating to swap my raceface grips but I never regret it. Rubber is very good, even without gloves (forgot once), but there is more grip with gloves.
Pinkie protection already showed it's value when I hit a rock wall and it just slid without grabbing the bars. The bar feels (and is) much wider now, maybe I will need to cut it a little.
Great product, thank you!