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Counterpunch work nicely

Got to try out a counterpunch on my first ride as I glanced a tree, and it shrugged it off nicely.
First impression of grips I pretty good, but I wish there was a thicker version as I like to have a bit more support for the palm of my hand. Odi is mostly focusing on grips with only inboard locking these days, so not too many alternatives there.
Lastly the shipping to Norway went very smoothly, so thumbs up for that.

Amazing product with additional benefits!

Not only do these babies save your pinkies, they also provide awesome pressure support when leaning into corners, which ultimately adds control! Amazing value added product that's already paid dividends on multiple rides in the first month of use.

Excellent product and customer service

I run 780mm bars on some pretty tight trails and was frequently punching trees with my pinkies, the counterpunch gives me security that I won’t mash my fingers. Customer service was excellent - Mark took the time to email me and let me know there was an option for a quicker shipping service, with a sooner collection date which meant I got the counterpunch way faster than expected.

Greg Pike
New grips for a new build

Bought these grips for an aggressive trail bike build. Have nothing but good to say about Mark and loam lab labs. Packaging and grips look amazing. Can't wait to get the bike built up and let myself as well as my buddies try out the grips with counter punch!


It's strong, stunning, created by someone super passionate and supports what bikes are about.
Any chance to support local should be at least looked at. :)

leo tonozzi
Sweet product!

I bought this solely to get a more secure feeling grip on my handlebars after a wrist injury where my grip strength was diminished. The grips are surprisingly comfortable even compared to my ergon ge1's. Only two small improvements left to be made IMO. A smaller size would be nice as my hands leave about 10mm exposed on either the inside or the outside of the grip. I'd like to have my pinkies touching the counterpunch and use the ergonomics at the inside of the grip simultaneously. Installation was a little harder than expected as it seems like the different parts of the product are *almost* too tight of a fit. I had to use a decent amount of force to get them on but now they are nice and snug. Overall great product that is worth a try for any rider.


Great product. Clean design and built to take some abuse. Being locally made is the icing on the cake!

anael fauvarque
happy pinkies

my pinkies love it !

LoamLab Counterpunch

Probably the best bike component to be engineered since the dropper post! Smushed my pinky for the last time, and was searching for something that would specifically defend against that issue. Another rider heard about these and sent me the link. I immediately purchased, shipping was super fast, and they went right on my bike. They have already saved my pinkies multiple times, and I could not be happier! If you properly install and torque, you are good to go.

Grip - Single Clamp
Andrew Bike Guide
The LoamLab grips are amazing!!

I was not entirely convinced by my pre-trip, ride-along-the-street, “road test”, on my Norco Optic, so I decided to pack my old grips for a recent three day Chilcotin back country trip just in case my hands did not agree with my new LoamLab grips.

The excellent news is that the LoamLab grips are amazing!!

By the time I had ridden from Lorna Lake to the base of the hike-a-bike to Lorna Pass I was reasonably sure they were going to be my new best 'hand friends’. By the time we reached the bottom of the first long single track descent, from Lorna Pass, I knew it was going to be a beautiful and lasting relationship. The grips just continued to impress me for the three days of riding back country single track and some steep, dusty descents.

My second set of LoamLab grips are now on my Norco Sight (Whistler trail bike) and have had a week of proper Whistler trail testing (much rougher on the hands and body). They are incredible and offer very good dampening on properly rough trails. Thus far, the grips provide insane levels of grip, despite high levels of perspiration, in 22ºC to 34ºC conditions. They are tacky without leaving residue all over one’s hands.

They dampen exactly in the matter proposed by the animation. The extra rubber is where it is needed and there is just enough rubber for grip and dampening everywhere else. The cut outs, in the inner barrel, are obvious under the hand but in an unobtrusive manner and the smooth outer upper edge (on the end of the grip) feels great on the ulna pad (compared to other grips that might have a flare at the end of the grip). The end of the grip, whilst soft rubber, appears to be robust enough to survive tree strikes and repeated resting the bike on its side (this might just be a guide thing).

It will be interesting to see how they wear (my other grips, now the second best, gloveless grip in the world, are good for 1000 km) and how they perform in rain (we had several tiny showers but not enough to be considered a proper wet grip test) and the cold (I leave the gloves off until about 0ºC) but I have expectations that the LoamLab grips will pass those tests with flying colours. I haven’t needed to test them with gloves yet but I am sure that they provide excellent grip on any decent glove for those glove wearing riders out there.

So for anyone that needs a small diameter grip that really does behave like an outstanding, well dampened, super grippy, push on grip but with the convenience of a single lock ring grip these are the grips to fit to your bike.

Robert Yates

I tend to ride with my hands at the very ends of 800 mm wide bars and like the way these grips act as end stops to position ones hands. This is what I mainly bought them for but they should also offer extra protection. The grips themselves are grippy and comfortable. Finish is good. Just make sure to tighten firmly, I had one end stop fall off but found it thankfully.

Josh Paul
All in the details.

Have to give these solid yes. I have too run wider bars for my stature then most people and on tight BC trails that makes tree smacks inevitable. These are a huge confidence booster that I’ve already put to good use. Cannot afford to break another pinky finger! The grips are slightly narrow and small for my large hands but undoubtedly work as advertised, very comfortable. Also Mark is super easy to deal with!

Peter Croce

The grips themselves are really comfortable, did some 8 mile descents on a hardtail with no arm pump. The knuckle protector works as intended-- already tested them out on a few trees accidentally. Like other people said they add confidence on high speed technical descents as well, it really makes your hands feel more locked in. I'm planning on putting them on all my bikes.

Grip - Single Clamp
Jonathan Traverse
Lovely grips

Really comfy grips, really impressed

Grip - Single Clamp
Tom Beveridge
Great grips

Naturally, grip choice is a personal thing. Love the quality of these grips. Would definitely purchase again.

Rob MacLeod
Knuckle protection

I bought these with one specific section of trail in mind that always gets my pinky knuckle. Rode that trail last night and the counterpunch worked as planned. As a bonus, I really like the security of pushing up against them on tight technical trails.

Just What I've Always Wanted

Living and riding in the desert Southwest of the United States means dealing with cactus. A lot of cactus. Occasionally trees will grow close enough together that clipping one becomes a danger. Out here, the thing you spend most of your time smashing your hands through, is cactus. These little guards are a great help keeping the Cholla needles out of my pinkies. I've ridden along countless miles, fantasizing about something just like this. So glad these are a reality now. The grips are cool too, very comfortable. It'd be fun to have them in more colors in the future. For now, as they prove this awesome concept, I think the black will do just fine, thank you very much.

Jason Ford
Comfortable and durable

The counterpunch is a great little product because it gives me the sense that my hands won’t slide off the bars. It puts my hands in the same position every time which might sounds strange but I rest my pinky on the counterpunch and my hand is perfectly placed on the grips. Also, there is the added measure of protection which is nice. The grips themselves are comfortable and durable as I crashed fairly hard since having them on my bike and they survived well.


Super comfortable grips with the added layer of protection and confidence. These counterpunch grips are legit.

Kelly Dyer
Super Stem !

Killer design , super responsive stem I’m running the 32 mm absolutely love it .Been riding MTN 33 years this stem ranks up as one of my favs of all time ! Nice to support local dudes living the dream ! Get one is all i can say Marks rad !

Josh B.
A logical upgrade

Provides a feeling of confidence and protection. Want them on all of my bikes.