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Stem Installation

  • Remove the faceplate from the stem body. 
  • Slide the body onto you steerer, using whatever spacers you wish to use. 
  • Preload the bearings as you would with any other stem. 
  • Straighten the stem body and snug the two M6 bolts with a 5mm Allen key. You will torque it after installing the bar. 

Note: The LoamLab Stem features a 'no gap' setup on the top of the stem, so the top of the faceplate will meet the top of the stem body, and only have a gap below the bar. 

  • Place the bar inside the stem body and attach the faceplate with the top two M5 bolts and snug them using a 4mm Allen key so that the faceplate is touching the stem body, making sure to align the LL Arrow Logo on the top before the bolts are tightened. 
  • Insert the other two M5 bolts in the lower part of the faceplate and lightly snug them up. 
  • Centre and rotate the bar. Then torque the top two faceplate bolts to 6-7Nm, followed by the lower two faceplate bolts, also to 6-7 Nm. 
  • Straighten the bar/stem assembly on the steerer tube, then torque the two M6 bolts on the stem body to 10Nm. 

Note: Because the bolt holes are blind, you must not use bolts with longer than the stainless steel bolts supplied with your stem. If you do, they will not be able to fully thread into the holes, but they will feel tight and give you the sense they are ok when they are not. You must only use the bolts provided, or bolts of the exact same length.