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Single Clamp Grip Installation

  • Loosen the grip collar bolt and remove the packaging. 
  • The rubber part of the grips are not directional, but the grip collars are mirrored. Choose whether you want both collar bolts facing to the front of the bike or the rear, depending on your lever setup. (The split in the collar will be facing to the ground). 
  • Make sure the inner plastic core of the grip is lined up properly with the metal collar, then slide onto the bar, making sure it's fully inserted. The bar will touch the plastic stop at the end of the grip. Note: If it's difficult to slide the grip onto the bar, a small drop of chain lube on the end of the bar will help a lot. 
  • The LL Arrow Logo should point straight down to the ground.
  • Hold the grip in place and tap the collar with rubber mallet to close any gap between the rubber and the collar. 
  • Tighten the collar bolt using a 3mm Allen key to 2.5Nm.